Meet Suzanne

I am Suzanne Ducharme, MS CCC-SLP, owner of Lifespan Healing, formerly known as Pathways to Healing and South Shore Speech pathology Partners. Below is an interview with some important information about my practice, and how it can be the right place for you…

How would you describe your practice? What exactly do you do?

I use a variety of modalities to help people achieve healing. For children, I use hands on healing (craniosacral therapy) combined with traditional, medical based Speech Pathology services to help with feeding and communication challenges. I also work with the family as well to support the child’s development in all areas and facilitate their participation in the family and the community. Helping parents get their needs met also helps facilitate progress. I help with coaching, education, advocacy and support for the wellbeing of all members of the family.

I also offer help and support to adults who come on their own, seeking physical and emotional healing. My goal is to help adults to tap into their own self-healing abilities, and to help them achieve clarity, life balance and a sense of peace. Using modalities like Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki can help combat the stresses of daily life and increase your sense of health and wellbeing.

Why Lifespan Healing? My practice has been evolving for the last 7 years, as I have made the transition from “just being an SLP” to offering something truly unique. It goes beyond combining medical and intuitive, and reaches into helping everyone, whether a child or adult, parent, sibling or caregiver, reach for their best. As I have started to increase the focus on the FAMILY, and the individual within their FAMILY (which can be biological, extended, work or otherwise), I have seen amazing things happen, and not just for the person being treated. Moving forward, I have some exciting things planned, including the expansion of my services to working with expectant mothers and newborns, sharing the gift of Craniosacral therapy. To me, Lifespan means supporting you across the chapters of your life, and bringing help and healing across generations.

What is your training? I have been a licensed and ASHA certified Speech Pathologist for 18 years. During that time, I have had the extraordinary privilege of helping  countless children become their best selves, connect with their worlds, and learn to communicate. I have invested a great deal of time and energy into furthering my education and training in medical speech pathology, and working with children who have complex medical challenges in addition to their developmental delays. It was the very process of working within the medical system that led me to begin searching for something more- something that would help children FEEL better, and to be happy and well, in spite of their diagnosis. I began training in Craniosacral Therapy in 2006, and have integrated it into my more traditional practice. I have found that I can achieve better outcomes, faster, in many cases, with many beneficial “side effects.” In addition to Craniosacral Therapy, I have been fortunate to study other healing modalities and energy work, such as Reiki and Integrated Energy therapy. These wonderful tools are now available to anyone who works with me; they are seamlessly integrated as they are needed with any particular client.  See my credentials for more specific information.

How do I know if you can help me? Each person is unique, as are their healing needs. I am offering a free 20 minute consultation by phone, where you can tell me about your current issues and concerns, and we can determine a plan. Or you can book an initial appointment and we can go from there.

How long will it take to fix my/my child’s problem?The human spirit is an amazing thing, but not one that is easy to pin down. We can discuss the specific details of your situation, and determine the best way to move forward. In my experience, some things resolve very quickly, while others require mid to long-term treatment. Your dedication to the treatment, and active participation will typically support a more rapid process.That being said,this kind of work does not always move in a linear way. We will navigate all the steps together.

Will I be working with YOU? Yes, I provide all services myself.

I don’t live near your office. How can I work with you? While some of my services require hands on contact, I am able to provide Reiki distantly. I can also provide consultation and support via telephone or Skype. Some Speech Pathology services may also be available by telepractice. In addition, I periodically offer classes and workshops that you can access online or via other means of technology.

You can also subscribe to my newsletters for valuable information, tips and strategies, or you can attend a teleclass in a subject of interest. Watch the website for details and make sure to join my e-mail list!

If I am not sure what services would be best for me, what can I do? Each person, whether adult or child, has their own healing path. It is often a challenge to find the right combination of practitioners and modalities to support your situation. I recommend the 20 minute consultation, where we can discuss your needs, and see if it makes sense to move forward.

How can I pay for my services? Payment is due when services are rendered. You can pay by cash or check, and I accept most major credit cards. You can pay online via the shopping cart on this website, which is offered through PayPal.

What if I am not satisfied with my services? I always strive to achieve results that we can both be happy with. In the event that you are unhappy, we can usually come to an agreement. Refunds for partially used series are offered at my discretion.

I still have more questions. Can I contact you? Yes, you can. You can reach me by phone at 781-335-7575, or by e-mail at You can follow me on Facebook (Pathways to Healing/SS Speech Pathology Partners), Twitter (@sueducharme) or connect with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to talking with you.

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